We create a meeting where a lot of (about 400) absolutely different people will gather to learn to live together despite mental, physical and social distinctions.

18th of October 2019, 14 00 - 20 00, Local Food Market, Hlebozavod, Moscow
what and why?
Kind Canteen is about food and people.
We want to invite restaurateurs, chiefs, gastro-enthusiasts, guests of our markets and all who is interested to cook together with special people, wards of funds, people from orphanages, people with mental disorders or disabilities, homeless people, different and equal people.

Cooking food for guests and those who starve and who can't find livelihood in our big city of opportunities.
We want to replace: "pity" with "empathy", "tolerance" with "openness", "constraint" with "courage", "condescension" with "frankness", "feat" with "act", "silence" with "making".

To refuse division of people on the social status on "normal" and "abnormal" is a new form of tolerance. And everyone who will be on this day with us has to be internally dared to erase these borders.

We won't praise anyone and shout about how much good we've created. Because being kind and open is not a supernatural achievement but an usual order of things.

We are team of "Local Food". For 6 years we're doing the Local Food Markets in Moscow and not only them, we are also taking part in development of responsible business at School of Gastronomic Business and making the forum "Local FoodHeroes".

We do "Kind Canteen" because we can.

Restaurateurs, gastro-enthusiasts, people without a certain residence, people with mental and physical features, volunteers.

Moscow, Hlebozavod, Novodmitrovskaya 1
18th of October

14 00 - 20 00
Roman Redman
Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky
Anna Tsfasman
Vladimir Perelman
Andrei Shmakov
Anatoly Kazakov
Anastasia Kolesnikova
what we do:
  • We unite different people by giving them reasons for communication: we play a lotto, listening to music and dancing.
  • We arrange a lunch! Together we prepare food, set the table and eat.
  • We cook food for sending it to those who couldn't join - the homeless people and wards of Moscow shelters.

For everybody:

12.00 - 14.00 we prepare a lunch together
14.00 - 15.00 lunch for all: we eat, communicate and listen to music
15.00 - 16.00 cinemas, dances, games.

For restaurateurs and owners of medical records:
14.00 - 18.00 preparation of food for Moscow homeless shelters
we are looking for sponsors

We look for the companies and businessmen who are ready to make with us this business.

We need:

1. Money - for paying for expendables and specific work

2. Food. Not complex or special. Just quality foodstuffs.

3. Transport. To bring the ones who can't walk with their legs. To carry the cooked food to shelters. To deliver food and equipment.

4. Equipment. To cook a lot of food for "Kind Dinner" we need refrigerators, electric stoves, grills, blenders, etc.

5. Utensils for preparation and transportation. We need dishes for cooking (big pans, frying pans, etc.) and also army cans and big thermo-boxes.

6. Kitchenware for serving. Eco-friendly plates, glasses and cultery.

we are looking for funds:

We look for addressees of "the Kind Canteen": special people who need communication or just food.

- People without a certain residence
- People with mental disorders
- Disabled people
- Elderly people with financial difficulties
- All those who are ready to come to visit us to share lunch and chat.

Without you, we will not be able to gather those who really need it.

NB: we will be very glad if one of your clients will be able to cook together with restaurateurs this day food for shelters of Moscow. Are there wards with medical books and desire?

We need your advice!
- What's best to cook?
- How to make it comfortable and not shy?
- What can we do together on October 18 to make it interesting for everyone?

we are looking for restaurateurs

We need:

Нам нужны:

1. Ваши руки, головы и сердца.
• Головы: подготовка (составление меню, сбор продуктов и оборудования)
• Руки: приготовление еды. Главное - мед. книжка и добрые намерения
• Сердца: открытость и общение. Нам важно, чтобы вы были готовы к встрече с разными людьми и желали общаться с ними

2. Продукты.
Если у вас остаются какие-то продукты или вы готовы заказать специально для столовой

3. Оборудование, посуда и инвентарь.

Все то, что может помочь в приготовлении еды на 400 человек

we are looking for volunteers

For joy: those who can play guitar, lead huskies for communication, hold a master class or become a leader in bingo…

For organization: organization of space, decor, people

For cooking: only with a medical book!

For transportation: if you have a large car, you can carry food, people and food

Prerequisite: not only to do, but also to communicate! Have an internal willingness to overcome borders.


Nastya Kolesnikova

Liza Burova